Services & Rates

High Speed Internet
PlanDownloadUploadInstallationPrice /mo.
Basic1-2 Mbps512K-1M Kbpsvaries$29.00
Standard8-16 Mbps4-6 Mbps$39.00
Plus10-25 Mbps8-10 Mbps$49.00
Premium20-35 Mbps10+ Mbps$69.00
Professional Home40-60 Mbps20-40 Mbps$99.00
Professional Level 2 Home80-100Mbps20-40Mbps$119.00
Commercia Basic20-35 Mbps10+ MbpsConsult Required$69.00
Commercial L3SpeedorDistanceincreasesstep in price$89.00
Commercial L360 Mbps$119.00
Coming Soon . . .150 Mbps
* Month to month agreements available by request
* Speeds will vary depending on internet traffic congestion and other factors.
* Check your speed at - suggested targets include AWI SG and SLC
ping varies usually around 30ms up to 60ms
ie: ping sent=30 received=30 packet-loss=0% min-rtt=25ms avg-rtt=34ms max-rtt=59ms
short bursts stay near the top of ranges, long downloads and uploads average towards the bottom of ranges.
Digital Phone
PlanLocal Long DistanceInstallationInstallation w/1yr AgreementInstallation w/2yr AgreementPrice /mo.
BasicUnlimited.5ยข/minNo Charge *$49.00FREE$19.45
StandardUnlimitedUnlimitedNo Charge *$49.00FREE$24.45
* Bundle phone with internet
* no-bundle service add $7.00 per month
* any extra in house wiring is by the hour