Review: Avoid

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Worst experience online purchase ever. Original order mid September. Charged immediately before shipping (very bad form). Notified week and half later 4-6 week delay back order. I approve. 6 weeks later I inquire where is product. No response. Get email that has dead response reply address a week later. Use website to post enquiry fearing company has taken money and gone away as there reply email address is a bouncer, no good. Finally get reply at 8 weeks that the order is solid (mid November) all is well, they say.

Late November (9 weeks) they say it's going to be Dec 6 when manufacturer ships. Is this solid I ask? Yes they say. OK, maybe I'll have them before my Christmas trip. Dec 17 I get email Order Has Shipped! I need to leave on the 26th, this seems hopeful. On the 28th I receive email inviting me to review my great experience with Specs Direct and their Products! Yet no frames have arrived. It is now 3 and a half months, they have my money, I have nothing AND the response email inviting a review is a dead email account. I track the shipment-it says it made it to Washington State, 3 states away and stopped.

My Postmaster tracks it for me, I go online SpecDirect is apparently still in business, apparently shipped from Canada according to my Postmaster. I enquire where are my frames. The respond beginning of January, that my mailing address is no good. Same address I get hundreds of shipments a year from Amazon, Ebay etc. PayPal has my address, which I used. I give it again insisting they quit screwing around and ship or refund. 4 days later I receive my frames. Total time order to arrival: 4 months