Services & Rates

High Speed Internet
PlanDownloadUploadInstallationInstallation w/1yr AgreementInstallation w/2yr AgreementPrice /mo.
Basic1-2 Mbps512K-1M Kbps $100$50FREE$29.00
Standard8-10 Mbps.7-1.2 Mbps $100$50FREE$39.00
Plus10-20 Mbps1-2 Mbps $100$50FREE$49.00
Premium20-30 Mbps10 Mbps $100$50FREE$69.00
* Month to month agreements available by request
* Speeds will vary depending on internet traffic congestion and other factors.
* Check your speed at - suggested targets include SLC and AWI SG
Digital Phone
PlanLocal Long DistanceInstallationInstallation w/1yr AgreementInstallation w/2yr AgreementPrice /mo.
*Bundle phone with internet
*no-bundle service add $7.00 per month

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